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Welcome to Helix Racing Products

The variety of products we provide is second to none. We stock all kinds of products to keep powersports machines running on the street, dirt, water, and snow. Helix Racing Products provides everything from pre-fiter foam to exhaust components and tubing to tools. Helix Racing Products are packaged in quantities for the retail consumer and larger quantities for service departments. We even package in bulk if required.

Whether its our premium polyurethane tubing, muffler packing, heat shield, exhaust springs, rust proof hose clamps, safety wire, aluminum mesh kits, or event supplies such as course arrows and barricade tape, we have it! Now carrying specialized MOTORCYCLE/ATV/UTV tools!

Call them staple items, everyday essentials, specialty items, or parts, but plain and simple we have the things that consumers need but cannot always find.

Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary -Sunday, January 1, 2023

3/8"ID X 3Ft Fuel Line Clear

3/8"(10mm) X 1/2"(13mm) X 3Ft.(.9m), Trans/Clr

3/16"ID X 3Ft Fuel Line Trans Red

3/16"(4.8mm) ID X 5/16"(8mm) OD X 3Ft., Trans Red

5/16"ID X 3Ft Fuel Line Trans Green

5/16"(8mm) Id X 7/16"(11mm) Od X 3Ft.(.9m), Trans Grn

5/16"ID X 3Ft Clear Fuel Line

5/16"(8mm) Id X 7/16"(11mm) Od X 3Ft.(.9m), Trans/Clr

Blk High Temp Exhaust Paint

Silica Ceramic Exhaust System Paint (2000F) ** THIS PRODUCT CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED UPS OR FEDEX GROUND**