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3/8"ID X 3Ft Fuel Line Clear

3/8"(10mm) X 1/2"(13mm) X 3Ft.(.9m), Trans/Clr
SKU: 380-1206
GTIN: 643380958860

3/8"(10mm) ID X 1/2"(13mm) OD X 3Ft.(.9m), Transparent/Clear, Polyurethane, Premium Polyurethane, 85-Durometer, Available In Transparent And Solid/Opaque Colors, Has Superior Resistance To Kinking, Abrasion, Tearing, Oxidation And Chemical Damage. Very Flexible With Tight Bend Radius, This Fuel Line Will Not Get Hard Over Time And Stays Flexible Within A Wide Range Of Working Temperature, -75 Deg. F, To 175 Deg. F. Melting Temp 370 Deg. F. When Replacing Tubing Or Hose It Is Always A Good IDea To Use Clamps Even On Gravity Feed Systems. Available In Five Diameters And 11 Colors.

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